This conference is organized on the 140th anniversary of the birth of Professor Jan Łukasiewicz (born on December, 21st 1878 in Lviv (Polish: Lwów), a city in today’s Ukraine, and died on February, 13th 1956), who was a famous representative of Lviv-Warsaw School of Logic with contributions to philosophical logic, mathematical logic, and history of logic.Using some philosophical ideas of Aristotle’s De Interpretatione (ch.IX) (namely, his asserting that the application of the law of excluded middle to future propositions like, ‘There will be a sea-battle tomorrow’ should be categorically restricted), Jan Łukasiewicz proposed the first version of many-valued logic (1920). So, he showed that even some features of real world which are out of classical logic such as dynamics can be described and modeled logically still by non-classical systems. This finding that logic and rationality can be detectedeven in non-logical processes is quite typical for the Lviv-Warsaw School of Logic and distinguishes this school from the Vienna Circle (German: Wiener Kreis) focusing only on classical logic and their natural extensions. Hence, the motto of our conference is that rationality can be observed everywhere.Over the past two decades our social world has changed a lot due to new media. One of the biggest changes is communications in social networks which became an important part of our everyday’s life.But new forms of social communication are out of traditional forms of logical analysis of discourse. For instance, in these media the standard referential conception of truth is inapplicable – we cannot check uttered facts, but we can check contexts of uttering. In this way, we are interested to discuss non-classical logics in decision making and cognitions, new forms of communication and decision making, communication in new media. Extended versions of all accepted abstracts will be considered for publication in a special issue of Studia Humana.