• Organizator konferencji: University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Faculty of Applied Sciences (Poland) University of Žilina, Department of Managerial Theories (Slovakia) VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics (Czech Republic)

  • The aim of the conference is to achieve academic excellence in a regional context and to establish a platform for mutual cooperation and exchange of ideas among researchers and business practicioners.


    We are pleased to announce well reputable keynote speakers – Desislava Dikova (Vienna University of Economics & Business), Michael A. Radin (Rochester University of Technology) and Juan Garcia Machado (University of Huelva) who will discuss recent trends in the fields of management, finance and production engineering.

    Conference topics:
    Strategic management
    Organizations’ management
    Human Resources Management
    Knowledge management
    Marketing and promotion
    Academic entrepreneurship and science-business cooperation
    management training and development

    2. Entrepreneurship and Innovations

    Multi- and interdisciplinary entrepreneurship
    Internationalised SMEs and international entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurial management & strategic entrepreneurship
    Family Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurship and small business development
    SMEs and social entrepreneurship
    Financing Entrepreneurship
    Intellectual workers
    Innovative SMEs: knowledge-based and high-tech SMEs
    Technological, organizational and marketing innovations
    Innovation activities and processes
    Innovation management
    Innovation environment
    Smart specializations

    3.Production Engineering

    Project management
    Innovation of processes and products
    Quality management
    Managing the logistics and transport
    Efficiency and productivity of enterprises
    The organization and management of production
    Engineering manufacturing processes
    Information technology in manufacturing engineering
    Clean technologies in energetic and automotive
    4. Finance and Economics

    Financial management
    Financial economics
    Wealth management
    Financial innovations and alternative investment
    Socially responsible investing
    International finance
    Financial institutions and services
    Public finance
    Investors on financial markets
    Corporate finance and governance
    Capital financing and budgeting

    5. Corporate Social Responsibility

    Ethics in business
    Modern and responsible business
    CSR Policy – Corporate Social Responsibility

    6. Economic and social aspects of local and regional development

    Territorial administration
    Territorial governance and networks
    Local and regional management
    Local and regional marketing
    Local and regional development: general issues
    Modern approaches to local and regional development – EU funds as an instrument to support local and regional development

    7. Inter-organizational and cross-border cooperation

    Partnerships management
    Cross-border projects management
    Alliances, joint ventures, clusters and networks
    international licensing/franchising